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In our experience people want to look into their drains, sewers, manholes and other chambers to see if they are deteriorating, defective or blocked. CCTV surveys are the most cost effective, non-invasive way to accurately provide this information through detailed images of underground drains and sewers. The results are recorded on DVD and the data from these surveys is provided to our clients in a clear and concise report which will detail any current problems and highlight possible areas that may cause concern for the future.

Jetcam uses the very latest specialist technology and software to carry out remote CCTV drain surveys across a broad spectrum of clients and industries. We carry out CCTV drain surveys using colour CCTV systems that can work in pipe diameters from just 100mm up to major sewers 2000 mm in diameter using pan and tilt cameras. At the conclusion of the investigation, a full report and DVD is supplied to the customer detailing any faults, blockages, collapses or roots found. The Reports can be as simple as a written observation carried out on Wincan reporting software to a full detailed Highways England HADDMs survey report.

Our engineers are fully trained and certified to WRc standards whilst the reports conform to the latest Sewers for Adoption and Highways England standards.

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