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Drain Blockage in Essex – The common problem

Drain Blockage in Essex

Drain blockage in Essex is a surprisingly common problem. Drains can easily become clogged due to the build-up of hair or food particles, or from a little one attempting to flush something down the toilet. Whatever the cause may be, drain blockage can quickly disrupt your life. Instead of contacting family members to use their shower, get your drain unblocked the same day to keep living your life. Methods like high pressure water jetting don’t use chemicals, and clean your pipes while they unclog.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is a method commonly used to blast away stubborn clogs. This method works by blasting water into the pipe or drain using exceptionally high water pressure. The water works particles of the blockage loose a little bit at a time, completely freeing the pipe of any drains and blockages. In addition to the drain being blockage free, this method also cleans the pipes at the same time, preventing drain blockages in Essex from happening in the future. High pressure water jetting doesn’t cause any of the damage that commonly used chemicals do, making it safer for your family and your pipes than over the counter chemicals.

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The Dangers of Using Chemicals

Using chemicals can harm both your pipes and your family. When you dump harsh chemicals down the drain, there is a chance that they will remove a small blockage. Unfortunately, that same blockage may be a large clog that is not easily removed with over the counter chemicals. If it is a larger blockage, the chemicals will simply sit on top of the clog, eating away at your pipes and causing corrosion. When the pipes become clogged, there is no way to tell if the clog is small or large, which means that you are taking the risk of damaging your pipes every time that you use an over the counter chemical.

The dangers of chemicals sold to unclog drains don’t stop there. These chemicals are harmful if they come into contact with skin or the eyes, and can even work their way back into the water supply. Every year there are thousands of cities that are forced to boil their water before they use it. Stop contributing to the problem, save your pipes and protect your family by opting for a safer method of removing your drain blockage in Essex.

High pressure water jetting only uses water, making it one of the safest methods for removing drain blockages. There is no risk of chemicals making their way into the sewer system, and you will not have to be concerned about your children getting into them. Also, your pipes will last much longer, saving you the hundreds of dollars pipe replacement can cost. Contact us today to speak with one of our professionals for any more questions you have about drain blockages in Essex.