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Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire

Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire: Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemicals

Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire is a common household problem among home owners. Unfortunately, many homeowners result to dumping chemicals down their drains in an effort to find a quick and cheap way to solve the problem, which often results in homeowners causing further damage. There are several reasons that homeowners should steer away from using chemicals in an attempt to clear drain blockages.

Damage to the pipes. There are a few instances in which chemicals can work effectively without damaging the pipes. Smaller clogs will allow the chemicals to break down the clog, and then they will be rinsed down the pipe without causing any damage to the pipe. The main problem is that homeowners do not know if the clog is small enough for chemicals to work or not. If products containing harsh chemicals are used in an effort to clear a larger clog, they often are not effective. Instead of being rinsed down the drain, they are absorbed by the clog or sit on top of it, resting against the pipes and causing corrosion. This can result in the homeowner having to replace all of the pipes underneath the house, which can be far costlier than paying a plumber to remove a drain blockage.

Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire

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Caustic water. If a chemical is poured down the drain, it can wind up back in the drinking water supply. While using one little bit of Drano may not be enough to contaminate the water supply of an entire town, a lot of people with that mentality can easily result in a boiled water advisory. Chemicals should not be flushed, or dumped down drains, and chemicals that are designed to remove blockages are not the exception. Stop contributing to the problem by sticking to safer methods of dealing with Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire.

Dangerous mixtures. Mixing chemicals is dangerous. If other chemicals are already present in the pipes, and you dump another one down the drain, it can easily result in a dangerous mixture that can cause harm to whoever winds up unclogging the blockage. Instead, simply contact a professional after natural methods are not effective.

Health hazards. Chemicals are health hazards to both you and your children. These can cause damage to the skin and eyes if they come into contact with them. The chemicals that are designed to remove drain blockages are strong enough to eat away at the pipes, which can be a bit alarming. Guarantee the safety of your family by not bringing chemicals into the home to begin with.

Chemicals designed to instantly remove drain blockages in Hertfordshire often fail to live up to the expectations that people have. Instead of wasting money on harsh chemicals that can cause more problems instead of solving the one minor problem that you have, contact a professional to remove your drain blockage today. You will have a clear drain, will not need to replace your pipes, and no one will be injured in the removal process. It truly does not get easier or safer than that. If you need help and advice on Drain Blockage in Hertfordshire then please call us today.