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Drain Unblocking in Chelmsford

Drain Unblocking in Chelmsford

Disposing of Items responsibly to avoid having a Drain Blockage in Chelmsford:

To avoid a drain blockage in Chelmsford then finding a way to dispose of things sensibly and responsibly is very, very important. Anything other than loo paper should be placed in the bin and not down the toilet otherwise you will have a drain unblocking in Chelmsford emergency!

Some water providers will allow you to have free ‘fat traps’ to stop fats, oils and greases from getting into the drains. Contact your local Chelmsford water and sewerage company for details

Chelmsford City Council does provide a separate food waste bin for most areas for getting rid of fats, oily and greasy materials.

Paint should be taken to the dump or recycling areas, often found at leading supermarkets. Water and sewage suppliers pay to unblock public drains and remove dangerous chemicals, but these extra fees are passed on in the customer’s bills. By getting rid of waste sensibly we can all help to keep the Chelmsford Essex drains unblocked and cost down to a minimum.

What do you do if you have a blocked drain and where abouts is the blockage?

It can be hard to find a drain blockage in a pipe. If the people living around you, are also experiencing blocked drains and water is backing up, the drain blockage in your Chelmsford home could be in the main sewer. Call the sewer company to see if anyone else from Chelmsford is experiencing similar problems. If the sewer is owned privately, or the blockage is in the property’s actual drain pipe, getting it unblocked is the homeowner’s problem.

If it is the actual drain that is blocked then you will need to hire unblocking drains experts to clear it. So call Jet Cam the drain unblocking experts. We specialise in looking after the residents of Chelmsford!

Its always worth checking your insurance policies to see if you are insured for blocked drains. If you are renting then the owner may be responsible for unblocking the drains. Remember, if you live in a ‘shared’ property where there are multiple tenants then more often than not the responsibility will lie with the landlord as to prove who blocked the pipe in the first place is impossible.

Do you share your drains? Your water and sewerage suppliers can tell you if your property is connected to public or private sewer and give further advice on what can, and cannot be put down loos, sinks and drains.

Where can I get more advice about Drain Unblocking in Chelmsford?

Call us at Jet Cam and we will give you some friendly advice on the best way to get your drainage issue resolved.

Chelmsford City Council can give advice on household waste collections in Chelmsford and can make you aware of which items can be collected for recycling so you can always give them a call!

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