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Drain Unblocking in Essex

Drain Unblocking in Essex

Drain Unblocking in Essex: Some Questions Answered!

When it rains and it takes a while for the water to go down the drain, then the drain must be blocked.

The metal irons you see alongside the highway let water be collected. This water is then taken away to local rivers or into large ‘soakaways’ where it will slowly seep away into the surrounding ground.

During or following times of heavy or long rainfall, the water takes longer to go away; this does not ordinarily mean the drain is blocked; it could be down to the total amount of rainfall and the saturation current levels of the surrounding ground.

Drain Unblocking

Who is responsible for the road drains and when are the drains unblocked in Essex?

Essex County Council only deals with top level water drainage on the roads and pavements. All highway drains are cleaned at least once every year but where Essex County Council have known flooding issues they do try to cleanse them more often.

While Essex County Council are cleaning the Essex drains they also capture data which will enable Essex County Council to clean them in a more efficient manner in the future. This decides where to place a drain; if it is an area that is always flooding and how much rubbish was removed.

Do I live near a river which often floods the surrounding area, who is responsible for this drainage?

Essex County Council Highways only help with surface water drainage on the highways and footpaths it is responsible for on the publicly maintainable roads. The over flowing of rivers, streams and exposed coastal parts are the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

There is a ditch near my house, who is responsible for drain unblocking these?

Private land owners are responsible for all the unblocking of drainage from their property and have a duty to make sure drainage and road side ditches next to land are kept free of rubbish to ensure paths, lanes and roads do not overwhelm with drainage water.

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