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Drain Unblocking in Norfolk

Drain Unblocking in Norfolk

Unblocking The Drains of Norfolk!

How to unblock your Norfolk toilet:

The most common drain unblocking problem in England, and in fact Norfolk, is your toilet and relates to drainage issues, out of all the issues this can be the most frustrating. Who wants to unblock a toilet? Nobody really! It’s not the most elegant task that there is, but sometimes it has to be done. Ok, roll up those sleeves and let’s get to work. With these tips that toilet should be unblocked in no time.


A blocked toilet is a big mess and not fun to deal with. The easiest way to unclog a blocked up toilet is with a plunger. Here are the steps you need to know!

1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet. It should be a knob/cog located right behind the toilet.

2. Make sure there is enough water in the toilet to cover the head of the plunger, or it won’t work correctly.

3. If there is insufficient water, add some by using a bucket or saucepan.

4. Don’t flush the toilet as it might overflow.

5. Just in case, put something around the toilet on the ground such as a newspaper or towel.

6. Start plunging. The up and down action of the plunger may cause the blockage to break loose.

7. Put some muscle into it and repeatedly plunge for at least a few minutes. Be determined!

8. If the water drains, turn the water back on and give it a flush.

If the drain blockage still isn’t budging, you can try a plumber’s snake but be warned; this will be a very messy job. If you didn’t have a pair of gloves on already, it’s time to put them on. We would always advise that you don’t tackle these issues yourself, so why not call Jet Cam the drain unblocking specialists to help solve your issue.


A specialist drain unblocking snake can be used to try and unblock the toilet. This auger-type device rotates to eat into the blockage and helps to free it. You can attempt to do this with a coat hanger and try to reach the drain blockage. These are both a little messy but may free the drain blockage.

1. If you have an actual snake (not a real one, of course) you bought from the store, great. If not, you can try bending a metal clothes hanger into one. However, this is not ideal because it could potentially scratch the porcelain in your toilet. It also won’t reach down the pipe very far.

2. Insert the end of the snake into the drain and push it down the pipe.

3. Twist and push the snake through the clog until the toilet bowl drains down. If this does not work, you may have an object stuck in the pipe such as a children’s toy. That’s when you’ll need to call your local plumber/drain unblocking specialist Jet Cam, we deal with all manner of drain blockages from the Norfolk area.

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