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Drain Unblocking in Suffolk

Drain Unblocking in Suffolk

Suffolk Premium Drain Unblocking Specialists

Here are some of the problems that you may face in your Suffolk home!

Sink Unblocking

Unblocking sink blockages can be cleared with a plunger. Let us explain how you do it! Of course if you still have issues then call Jet Cam, Suffolk’s number one drainage solutions company!

  • Put paper on the floor near the sink.
  • Block the overflow by stuffing it with a damp cloth to prevent a loss of pressure when you start plunging.
  • Put the plunger over the hole for the plug and push it down several times. This will force the water through the pipe and hopefully unblock.
  • Do it a couple of times and, hopefully; the water will start to drain away.
    If this doesn’t work, you may need to sort out the P-trap
  • This part is constantly full of liquid to prevent any nasty stinks coming into your house. You will also find stuck debris and bits in the sink, i.e. your blockage, inside.
  • Firstly, get out as much liquid as possible and then put the plug in the sink.
  • Position a bucket under the P-trap
  • Un-screw the P-trap using a spanner and pour the contents into a bucket.
  • Re-screw the P-trap back to how you found it. Don’t screw it too hard in case you need to do again in the future.
  • Test it – run water into the sink.
  • To finish, drop some bleach down the hole to clear away any remaining bits.

drain unblocking suffolk
Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking in Suffolk is when Sewage build-up goes on to trigger a lot of issues.

Homeowners have the tendency to forget to dispose of their rubbish correctly creating large water drains & water pipes and drains to congest over time. Blocked Suffolk water drains could create very nasty odours, which might affect, not just you, but also individuals around you.

It is crucial, therefore, to realise cleaning and maintaining your drain system frequently could potentially stop this from happening. Possessing the discipline to take out rubbish properly could stop these blockages and avoid calling out a Drain unblocking Suffolk specialist.

Drain issues in addition to sewer problems can be a stressful situation to any Suffolk homeowner. Debris accumulation within the pipelines includes bacteria in addition to germs that can result in potential drainage issues.

Common items like hair, soap and toilet tissue that are placed down the toilet can also result in blockages so its a good idea to dispose of these in your bin.

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