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Essex Drain Blockage

Essex Drain Blockage

Essex drain blockage is a common problem, and one that we get calls about quite often. Learn what causes drain blockage, how to prevent it and the best options for solving your current drain problem.


Drain blockage is caused by anything that becomes too big to go through the pipes. This could be a number of things, but the common causes are flushing feminine products, like tampons, down the toilet, food buildup or grease in the pipes under the kitchen sink, and the build-up of hair in pipes under the bathtub.

Preventing Essex Drain Blockage

All of these problems can easily be prevented in just a few minutes of your time. First, do not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper and human waste. Invest in a bathroom trashcan so that no one in the house will be tempted to. If need be, have a family meeting to inform the entire house not to flush pads, tampons or even paper towels or napkins down the toilet.

To prevent the kitchen pipes from becoming clogged, simply run some hot water. After you’re done doing dishes, run some hot water to push food the rest of the way down the drain. Some people boil water for this, but it’s not a necessity. Simply turn the faucet onto hot and then turn it back off in a few minutes after you get done washing the dishes or pouring grease down the drain and save yourself hundreds of dollars on costly repairs.

Blocked Drains in Essex

When you take a shower, you lose a few strands of hair. These are rinsed down the drain, and it seems pretty harmless. Unfortunately, it’s not as harmless as it seems. Those few strands can cling to the side of the pipe. Then, the next shower a couple more will cling to those two. This goes on and on until it results in a large Essex drain blockage. To prevent this, simply pick up a small strainer for the bathtub. Instead of the hair going down the drain, it will wind up in the strainer. You will never have to call a plumber to unclog your bathroom drain again.

Your Current Essex Blockage

If your drain is already stopped up, you’re past the prevention stage. High pressure water jetting can easily unclog your drains though. We don’t like to use chemicals. Instead we blast water through your pipes to work the clog free and push it the rest of the way through your pipes, cleaning the pipes at the same time. This innovative method of drain blockage removal will also help to clear small blockages that have yet to cause a problem.

Our professionals are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day to help you with all of your Essex drain blockage problems. Contact us today to get back to using your kitchen sink again!