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Non-Intrusive Repairs

If you need to repair collapse, worn out or damaged drain and sewer pipes, Jetcam’s no-dig trenchless technology is the most efficient and least intrusive solution available. This method allows us to repair drain and sewer pipes under roads, railways, canals, rivers, building and open spaces with little or even no excavation. Our no dig technology is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution, which also minimises disruption to local infrastructure.

Whatever the project Jetcam have the solution from full length lining and patch repair of drains and sewers to no-dig trenchless installations from 100mm diameter to 4000mm diameter.

In addition to our sewer and drain repair service, we can also up-size and install new pipelines using a range of specialist techniques such as auger boring, pipe jacking, pipe bursting, timber headings, micro tunnelling, Impact Moling, Shaft Sinking and GRP Segmental Lining.

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