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Prevent Drain Blockage in Suffolk

Prevent Drain Blockage in Suffolk

Prevent Drain Blockage in Suffolk today and speak to the experts.If you just got done dealing with Drain Blockage in Suffolk and need help with your clogged drain, you are well aware of how much it can disrupt the daily life of your family. Paying a professional may not be in the monthly budget, and not being able to take a shower can be embarrassing. Prevent drain blockage in Suffolk in the future with these easy tips that will only take a few seconds out of your day.

If it’s not natural or toilet paper, don’t flush it. Avoid clogged toilet drains by not flushing anything down the toilet that is not designed to break down after it is flushed. Most paper towels and hard paper napkins should not be flushed, although they consistently are. These products are not designed like toilet paper, and may result in a clogged toilet. If it is not natural, or toilet paper, don’t flush it down the toilet. Instead, put a trash can in the bathroom for other items. Prevent Drain Blockage in Suffolk today by calling the experts, We have over 30 experience in unblocking drains and have the knowledge to help with any issues you may face,

Use hot water. Run hot water down the sink drain every time you are done using it. This can help to push loose particles of food or grease the rest of the way down the pipes, preventing a clogged sink drain.

Drain Blockage in Suffolk

Vinegar. Vinegar is naturally acidic, and helps to break down small clogs. Pour one half cup of vinegar down the drain, and then wait thirty minutes. Next, run hot water. This will help to break down small clogs, preventing them from turning into larger drain blockages.

Pick up a screen. Many plumbing stores and department stores sell small screens that can be placed in sinks and bath tubs. These screens capture foreign objects that would normally go down the drain, such as soap scum, hair and food. If nothing goes down the drain, it can’t clog the drain.

Boiling water. Once weekly, boil some water and dump it down your drain. This will work by rinsing food and hair further down the pipes to prevent it from clogging like hot water does, but it will also be hot enough to help break up smaller areas of built up food that can turn into bigger clogs.

Call a plumber. It seems like no matter how many preventative measures are taken, something still makes its way down the drain. This can form smaller clogs. Many households have smaller clogs in their pipes that do not result in larger drain blockages. To guarantee that these small clogs will not result in a bigger problem, contact a plumber to take preventative measures. Plumbers can easily run a snake through pipes to eliminate smaller clogs, guaranteeing that they will not turn into larger clogs in the future. This can be done once every six months or year to help maintain your plumbing system.If you would like us to Prevent Drain Blockage in Suffolk then call Jet Cam today, we have the experience to help with all drainage problems.   

Drain blockages in Suffolk can be costly and inconvenient. Unexpected drain clogs can result in the family having to take a shower at the neighbor’s if a professional is not available for days or other embarrassing situations. While these are not always preventable, doing what you can to prevent drain blockages will help you save both time and money in the long run. If you would like to find out more about the beautiful county of Suffolk visit Suffolk County Council.